6 tips for planning a holiday

We all need something to look forward to. For many Irish people that comes in the shape of a week or two on holidays abroad allowing us to top up our tans, as well as our vitamin D. Planning a holiday for yourself or with family or friends can feel overwhelming. We have some tips to help you find the right destination for you:


1. Set a budget

This might seem obvious but before you start researching, set a concrete budget and stick to it. It is easy to get drawn into amazing photos of amazing places online and end up with a much more expensive break away than you had intended so knowing what you can comfortably afford is important. Don’t forget to allow for spending money. Allocate a daily budget but also allow for overspend particularly if you are going to a country with a different currency. Research shows we end up spending more on holidays than planned because we justify spending ‘in the moment’ while we are away rather than sticking to a budget.

2. Research the weather

This is important no matter when you are planning your holiday. If you are travelling with children during school holidays be aware that July and August are also some of the hottest months in continental Europe and North America. If your family loves the heat this may well be perfect but if you want to keep your children out of the worst of the heat, why not consider a holiday during the October mid-term when temperatures will be lower and many destinations quieter.

3. Be open-minded about destinations

They say a change is as good as a rest. If you find yourself going back to the same resort year after year, consider other options. If a different country feels like too much, how about a different destination in the same country? If your budget won’t stretch to your usual holiday could you go somewhere a little less expensive? Airline sales and AirB&B make a trip abroad possible when it wouldn’t have been before.

4. Choose accommodation carefully

Depending on your budget, destination and personal preference, there are lots of accommodation options to choose from. Before booking, read reviews and check the location of your accommodation on a map and consider the following:

  • Is there a supermarket close by?
  • What is the public transport system like or will you need to rent a car?
  • Is the area safe?
  • Can you easily get to the beach/town/restaurants/areas of interest etc?
  • Is it close to the airport?

5. Don’t plan too much

Of course, it’s great to plan outings and activities for your holiday but remember that holidays are for relaxation and recovery too. Schedule some downtime into your plans and be flexible. Make time for chilling poolside, reading, soaking in the bath and even consider taking a nap. Take a break from dining out one evening and relax in your room with a takeaway and a film. Suit yourself.

6. Stay near the airport

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