7 Destinations in Europe to Soak in Winter Sun

Winter Sun Destinations

Itching for next summer? The good news is that you don’t have to wait a full year to enjoy sunny skies. With these warmest locations throughout Europe, you can escape the winter gloom and appreciate the good weather.

It’s only natural to crave for some sunshine throughout the winter months in Europe because of the shorter days and cooler nights. Off-season is also a great time to visit locations that are typically crowded with tourists because you can explore them in a more laid-back environment.

We’ve put together a list of the best Winter sun destinations, from the gentle breezes of Cyprus to the delightfully toasty beaches of the Canary Islands, will have you excited  to organise your next winter vacation in Europe.



This is the perfect place to catch some winter sunshine and has plenty of natural attractions to keep families entertained, such as Timanfaya National Park. With the introduction of fresher weather, the island’s landscape transforms significantly, with carpets of yellow and blue wildflowers overtaking landscape of the summer. This results in more enjoyable walks and hikes in more pleasant weather as the weather ranges from 20˚C – 23˚C.

Holiday makers on the beaches coastline sun bathing, bathing in the sea, and walking the coastline



Seville is the epitome of a Spanish city. Although it might be unbearably humid during the summer months, locals will tell you that winter months is the best time to appreciate the city’s magnificent architecture and culture. Seville is home to a number of locations with fascinating history. Temperatures in the wintertime are at their greatest, reaching 23 °C degrees and six hours of daylight.

Blue skies over Seville's Cathedral and fountain, with many people walking around and taking pictures



Cyprus has a mild Mediterranean winter which is very appealing and definitely one of the warmer winter destinations in Europe. Cyprus is the perfect getaway destination if you’re dying for some ‘t-shirt weather’, since the average winter temperature there is 23°C. During the nine hours of daylight, you can discover the island’s culture, view its most stunning monuments, relax on the island’s warm sand, see beautiful scenery, go snorkelling, or even peacefully sunbathe.

Cyprus Coastline



Malaga provides great tiny cities like Ronda, which is home to one of Europe’s most famous bridges, as well as a fantastic excursion along the Spanish mountains. With temperatures ranging from 18 to 21 °C and six hours of sunlight, you can lounge in the sun and go swimming in the sea since the popular large stretches of white sand remain largely intact all year long. It is the delicious culinary epicentre of the coast, and even the greatest restaurants welcome those who are open to experiencing new flavours and soaking in the laid-back environment.

Aerial view of Malaga


Tenerife is one of Spain’s Canary Islands and only lies 300 kilometres from the African coast. December highs in Tenerife are 22°C. While your friends are freezing in the colder regions of Europe, give yourself the opportunity to recharge your batteries, visit the beaches, and get a tan in the middle of winter! With the island still basking in sunshine for almost 7 hours a day, the area as magnificent as ever, and with fewer visitors the pace relaxes and the native culture is revealed.

Coastline and beach with palm trees in Tenerife


Malta is a vast contrast from the dreary, chilly winter months, with an average daily high temperature of 22°C degrees and 8 hours of sunshine. In Valletta, the capital, you may find the perfect balance of relaxation, cuisine, and culture.

Popeye Village in Malta

Portugal – Algarve

This coastline is always crowded with tourists in the summer because of the stunning beauty, delicious food and amazing hospitality. Although it may be well renowned for its package resorts, the winter season in this area allows for more spontaneous excursions to emerge as people empty out and create way for more “authentic” experiences. The Algarve is a fantastic location that provides superb hotels that offer are very attractive prices in winter.

Small boat off the coastline of the Algarve


As you can see there is an abundance of Winter sun destinations to visit this year, and all accessible from Dublin Airport. Looking for a Spring Break?  Take a look at our guide for the 6 Best European Destinations for a family Easter break.

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